ZEVS fast charging station near the Saint Petersburg Hotel

The new ZEVS ABB Terra 54 charging station has opened and is already receiving electric motorists near the St. Petersburg Hotel on Pirogovskaya Embankment.

From our station there is a stunning view of the Neva River, the cruiser Aurora, the Nakhimov Naval School and other sights of St. Petersburg. During the charging session, you can drink coffee in the cozy lobby of the hotel or take a walk along the embankment.

Power: 50 kW

Connectors: CHAdeMO, CS2, Type-2 cable

How to find: Pirogovskaya embankment 5/2 (just type in the navigator "Hotel St. Petersburg", and it will lead you to the parking lot).

Parking: parking during the charging session is free, to get a ticket for departure, it is enough to show the application screen with an active charging session at the hotel reception.

We remind you that our stations are still working in test mode: we are waiting for feedback and your feedback.