Using an EV in the cold season

❄️ In cold weather, the battery of an electric car is discharged faster. How to keep the power reserve.

Leave the electric car in a warm garage at night. And during the day, in the parking lot in front of the office, try to choose places with direct sunlight.

Warm up the interior of the electric car while it is charging, and not from the battery.

Check the tire pressure. In winter, the pressure in the wheels drops faster. and poorly inflated tires increase friction with the road, which requires more energy consumption.

Use ECO mode, in which the total energy consumption of the car is reduced, which will help to increase the power reserve.

Battery heating system. Some electric cars have an automatic battery heating system. The setting maintains the optimum temperature without letting the battery freeze.

Special attitude to the charging process. In winter, the electric car takes longer to charge. Keep this in mind when leaving the car on charge. Try to charge the battery regularly and whenever possible, this will help to save the power consumption of the power source.